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Md Mustafizur Rahman, a 26-year-old individual, is a dedicated and dynamic individual with a strong bac52kground in mechanical engineering and a passion for scientific exploration and innovation. His journey in academia and hands-on projects showcases his exceptional prowess and commitment to making a meaningful impact in the field of management science and engineering.Currently, Mustafizur Rahman is pursuing his master’s degree at Tsinghua University, majoring in management science and engineering with CSC scholarship. His research focuses on the global manufacturing process and the role of developing countries. Prior to this, Mustafiz received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with distinction and ranked 1st in his class from China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT). Mustafizur earned his Diploma in Marine Engineering from the esteemed National Institute of Engineering & Technology, affiliated with the Bangladesh Technical Education Board with a strong belief in achieving a CGPA above 3.83 (out of 4), demonstrating his determination for academic excellence.Throughout his academic journey, Mustafizur’s dedication and innovative mindset have been recognized through numerous awards and achievements. Notably, he secured scholarships for three and a half years during his diploma in marine engineering, a testament to his exceptional academic prowess and dedication to his studies. During entire period of Bachelor Study he achieved scholarship. In terms of professional experience, Mustafizur served as an intern engineer at United Engineering & Power Service Ltd. (UEPSL), Shahjahanullah Power Generation Ltd. (SPGCL), Sylhet, and also Acting as an Instructor Department of Marine Engineering at National Professional Institute (NPI), Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition to his outstanding academic and professional achievements, Mustafiz is a brilliant entrepreneur. He has successfully developed an innovative idea and established an IT firm in the remote village of Sherpur, Bangladesh. This venture has not only provided employment opportunities but also facilitated the livelihoods of more than 60 young individuals. What’s particularly noteworthy is that the majority of the IT workers in this project are women, making a significant contribution to Bangladesh’s socio-economic landscape by empowering women in the workforce. Beyond employment, Mustafiz’s initiative extends to education development and established foundation which is called “Moulovi Abdur Rahman foundation”. This foundation aspect of his venture is instrumental in nurturing the talents of the local youth and equipping them with the knowledgeand expertise needed to excel in the local economy. Mustafiz’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to socio-economic development through IT and education are commendable. His efforts not only create economic opportunities but also contribute to the empowerment and skill enrichment of the local community, fostering a positive impact on both individuals and the broader society.

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